has been together since April of 2012. This five-member band consists of an array of talented musicians from the Heart of Acadiana. La Recolte is traditional and highly influenced by the South Louisiana dance hall music of the mid-1900's. Belting out waltzes of relationships gone bad as well as driving two-steps that will get you pumping. La Recolte is sure to get you on the dance floor for a night of Cajun fun. 

The name of the band, "La Recolte" (The Harvest), was influenced by their desire to keep tradition alive. The earlier generations of Cajuns planted the seeds that would generate an abundance of Cajun music and culture. They had to have the faith that it would nurture and grow. New generations continue to cultivate Cajun traditions because they "harvest" the “crop” of music and culture planted by generations of the past. They do so in an effort to carry on and replant the music and culture for future generations to also enjoy. So let’s all continue to seek “La Recolte”.

“It is not always granted to the sower to live to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in
faith.”-Albert Schweitzer

Upcoming Shows

  • Apr 17
    Artmosphere,  Lafayette
  • Apr 19
    Rocky's Cajun Kitchen & Dancehall,  Eunice
  • Apr 25
    Relay for Life- Kaplan,  Kaplan
  • Apr 26
    Feed and Seed,  Lafayette
  • Apr 26
    Parks Cracklin Cook-off,  Parks


La Recolte

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