Appearing on the West Coast for the very first time at the Long Beach Bayou Festival on Saturday, June 18, 2016, La Recolte Cajun Band is bringing the state of Louisiana with them- the state of mind, body, heart and soul of Acadiana and the state of authentic, traditional Cajun music. When asked why they want to come out to California to play their soulful waltzes and lively two-steps, the answer was so deeply passionate, it’s palpable. "It's the opportunity to bring our heritage, our own unique culture, our strong musical roots and the things we love to the West Coast," says accordionist and unofficial band spokesperson Shane Bellard. "It's not about the money. The basis for the band is to keep our heritage going.".............. Read more CLICK HERE.” - Karen Redding


On June 28 at the University of Maine at Fort Kent's Fox Auditorium, Louisiana-based musical group La Recolte kicked off their St. John Valley tour with a Cajun music performance for a house full of appreciative Valley fans, many of whom are likely distant Acadian relatives of the band members. La Recolte band members play for a packed audience at UMFK's Fox Auditorium on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Dr. Marc Chasse organized the Sunday evening concert, which also served as a fundraiser for the Fort Kent Outdoor Center (FKOC). Laura Audibert, president of the FKOC, said the organization appreciates the support. “It's awesome. They're just so entertaining... and just to watch the accordion. I'm not used to seeing that. It's fabulous. They feel like they're at home and that's great,” she said............... Read more CLICK HERE.” - Jessica Potila

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Meet La Recolte, a Cajun band that you’ve probably never heard. But that’ll change soon. The Lafayette-based band just returned from eight gigs in seven days in Maine and Canada. Several shows were part of Congrès Mondial Acadien, the gathering of thousands Acadians from across the world. La Recolte played to capacity crowds and sold out of copies of their lone CD, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” While on tour, the band’s accordionist, Shane Bellard, received a call from home in the middle of the night. But the news was good. The band had won Best First CD honors at the Cajun French Music Association’s annual Le Cajun awards. La Recolte is French for “the harvest.” The band, which has only been playing for two years, is enjoying a bumper crop. Their debut CD of Cajun standards, such as “Petite Ou La Grosse,” “Chere Tout Tout” and “Pine Grove Blues,” has been receiving reviews from as far as the Netherlands. Dutch radio host Piet Ribbers described the 10-song disc as “easy to listen to, and very important, it’s beautiful.” The band’s Canadian tour is actually their second since June 2013. The group has a busy fall with upcoming shows Saturday at the Summer Music Series Regatta Restaurant in Lake Arthur, Sunday at Vermilionville, Sept. 25 at the Petroleum Club and Sept. 28 at the Sun City Ballroom in Austin, Texas. Le Recolte features a diverse mix of ages, ranging from fiddler Jourdan Thibodeaux, 24, to 64-year-old guitarist Learlin “L. J.” Bellard, Shane’s father. The band is committed to playing traditional Cajun music for the next generation. Ironically, one of their biggest challenges is being noticed at home, the cradle of Cajun French music.  ” - Herman Fuselier

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  AUTHENTIC !  This is the word that describes the most LA RÉCOLTE CAJUN BAND to me.  Having hired them three times to perform for various audiences in Louisiana and Canada, I can attest ... they play truly AUTHENTIC CAJUN MUSIC, in AUTHENTIC Cajun French which is guarantee for AUTHENTIC Cajun FUN!   AUTHENTIQUE!   C'est le mot qui décrit le mieux le groupe LA RÉCOLTE de la Louisiane.  Les ayant embauché à trois reprises pour des prestations en Acadie et en Louisiane, je les recommande fortement pour leur musique AUTHENTIQUE Acadienne de la Louisiane en vieux français cajun AUTHENTIQUE. En leur compagnie, vous passerez une soirée AUTHENTIQUE aux airs des bayous du sud.   Claude Boudreau, Directeur général / Director Société du Monument-Lefebvre, le site Acadien de la renaissance acadienne   The Acadian Renaissance site in New-Brunswick, Canada ” - Claude Boudreau

— Societe du Monument-Lefebvre

“La Recolte, Who's Gonna Fill their Shoes... Let me begin by saying that the music and the actual talent on stage for a band is only part of the battle to get noticed. And, some very talented folks go unknown for many years. Luckily for LaRecolte they learned that getting your name in front of people is the most important thing a young band can do. With their album “Who's going to Fill Their Shoes…”, they take you on a tour of the past and it makes you think; who's Gonna fill their shoes? I have had the pleasure of playing and working with the guys that are La Recolte. Foot tappin' Dancin Good Time is what you can expect when you see and watch La Recolte.”   Eric C. White Air Personality, The Sound of Acadiana Bayou 106.7, Lafayette, LA  ” - Eric C. White

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LA RECOLTE BAND – WHO’S GONNA FILL THEIR SHOES Often it’s difficult to criticize Cajun albums because it’s usually retained the old traditional style. But sometimes it’s most interesting to discover new dimensions in this music,and on  this album I’ll find it.Several beautiful vocals are accompanied by the traditional sound from accordion, fiddle and guitar mated to the solid background of bass and drums. This is what it makes this album so special. It proves that the Cajun music is contemporary and it can be made accessible to the general public. I respect a band like “La Recolte” because they, after only 1 year playing together, play this kind of music so well. It’s very, definitely worth it to buy this album because it’s easy to listen to, and very important, it’s beautiful. ZYDECOPIET  ” - Piet Ribbers- "Zydeco Piet"

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One of the newest Cajun music bands to enter the scene is the band La Recolte.  I first had the pleasure of meeting this fine group at a Mardi Gras dance in Port Arthur, TX.  After, listening and dancing to their music, I waited none-so patiently I might add, for the release of their first CD, entitled “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”. La Recolte means The Harvest.  This group of generationally talented musicians, have harvested the Cajun favorite songs, staying true to the traditional sounds of Cajun dances from years gone by. As a group, La Recolte stays true to our Cajun roots and authenticity.  Individually, Chris LaFleur, Shane Bellard, Jourdan Thibodeaux, L.J. Bellard & Polo Borel are the most humble, appreciative  & enthusiastic musicians you will ever encounter. Gloria Roy Cajun Music Radio Personality The Cajun Express, KAYD in Beaumont, TX    ” - Gloria Roy- The Cajun Express Radio Show

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